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Got an Automatic Gearbox Problem ? - I'm afraid we cant help. We specialise in Manual Gearboxes only.

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What We Offer You

Here at DANTRANS we believe when it comes to the performance and longevity of your Manual Gearbox you should have an experienced Manual Gearbox specialist fit genuine or the best quality aftermarket parts. We want to ensure that the service we provide to you is impeccable, affordable and prompt as possible. We offer over 20 years of experience, Free Strip and Quote of units out of the car and a 12 month/ 20,000 km warranty and Free Local Pick Up.

We recondition & repair Manual Gearboxes on all vehicles of all makes and models.  ​Come and see us today or give us a call to get the right advice for your Manual Gearbox!

VDJ 70 series LandCruiser 5th Gear upgrade

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We keep some Exchange Gearboxes on the shelf ready to go!

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it's generally only a 2 day turn around.

Gearbox Transmission Problems

Diagnosing a Manual Gearbox problem is tricky, many noises that are thought to be associated with the Gearbox could also be a Differential or Clutch problem.  That's why we will always recommend that you bring your car in to be diagnosed by our experienced Manual Gearbox specialist. Most common problems with a Manual Gearbox are crunching into gear, jumping out of gear, noisy or whining.  All of which can be fixed by our specialist.

What A Manual Gearbox /  Transmission Does

The Manual Gearbox is the second stage in the Driveline system, it provides a selection of gears for different driving conditions. It is bolted to the rear of the engine, with the Clutch sitting in between them. Most vehicles have 5-6 forward speeds and 1 reverse. A Gearbox is a simple yet complicated piece of the Driveline, to put it simply it multiplies the torque from the engine, allowing the vehicle to take off from a standing start to 110km's on the highway. 

Reconditioning Your Gearbox / Transmission

Reconditioning a Gearbox requires experience and is labour intensive. There are many specific tolerance's which make the gearbox operate correctly and modifications to make it work to its highest potential. Here at DANTRANS we only use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts or quality aftermarket parts, for the longevity and highest working potential of your Gearbox/Transmission.

Exchange Hilux Gearbox


We recondition Manual Gearboxes of all makes and models,  so give us a call today!


LN167 & LN106
Exchange Gearboxes

Exchange LN167 & LN106 Hilux Gearbox - Reconditioned with new input shaft, cluster shaft, 3rd gear, 5th gear set, bearings & seals. 

KUN26 & KZN165
Exchange Gearboxes
Exchange KUN26 & KNZ165 Gearbox - Reconditioned with new input shaft, cluster shaft, 3rd-4th hub, 3rd gear, modified full spline 5th gear, bearings & seals. 

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