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Clutch Specialist


What We Offer You

Clutch Everton Hills

Here at DANTRANS we believe when it comes to the performance and longevity of your clutch, you should have an experienced clutch specialist fit the best quality parts, which is why we use and recommend only a few different clutches that are offered in today's market. Plus we offer over 20 years of experience, we want to ensure that the service we provide to you is impeccable and as affordable and prompt as possible. We offer a 12 month/ 20,000 km warranty.


We replace clutches on all vehicles of all makes and models.  

      on Land Rovers


Come and see us today or call, to get the right fit the first time for your car

Clutch Problems

More Clutches than any other supplier

Diagnosing clutch problems on your own can be tricky. Many different issues within the car can feel and sound similar to that of a clutch problem. Replacing your clutch can be rather costly, primarily because in the rear wheel and four wheel drives the gearbox needs to be removed so that the clutch parts and flywheel can be accessed and in front wheel drives the trans axle and part of the suspension needs to be removed, making this a labor intensive exercise.  So you are going to want to get it done right the first time! This is just one of the reasons why we will always recommend that you bring your car in for us to diagnose.

What a Clutch Does

Clutches built for every car

A clutch is the devise which couples the engine to the drive train.  It's designed to disengage by depressing the clutch pedal, this in turn disconnects the engine and the drive train, releasing the clutch pedal engages the clutch, in turn connecting the engine and drive train. When the clutch couples with the drive train it transmits the power of the engine to the drive train, therefore the smoother the clutch applies the power to the drive train the better the vehicle will perform.  Over time the friction components of the clutch system will wear, the more the clutch is slipped to provide smooth engagement, the faster it will wear.

Replacing Your Clutch

NPC Heavy Duty Clutch kit.png

A clutch replacement generally involves a new cover assembly (also known as a pressure plate), clutch disc and release bearing (also known as the throw-out bearing), (these parts should  be replaced even if they don't appear worn), the pilot bearing or bush, which is located in the rear of the enigne crank shaft which allows the gearbox / transmission to spin at different speeds from the engine, (should also be checked and replaced, as should the linkage cables). and then there is the flywheel which is attached to the engine crank shaft, this will need resurfacing, machining or sometimes even replacing. Here at DANTRANS we only use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts or quality aftermarket parts, for the longevity and highest working potential of your Clutch and we machine the flywheel here in house.

Aftermarket Clutch Kit.png
VDJ Clutch

VDJ LandCrusier NPC Heavy Duty Clutch Conversion

If you own a VDJ LandCruiser, chances are you'll be looking at doing some upgrades. Exhaust or a performance chip is usually the first thing you will look at, but once you have done those few thing you'll soon realise you want to upgrade your clutch.

VDJ Landcruiser - NPC Heavy Duty
VDJ Landcruiser - NPC Heavy Duty

Here at DANTRANS we use and recommend NPC's Extra Heavy Duty Clutch kit with Billet Flywheel, while this clutch still has that same factory feel, while retaining the standard clutch engagement feel, with the same pedal effort (or slightly lighter). Its capable of holding 1300 Newton Metres at the flywheel, and is great for towing and Four Wheel Driving.

For more information, Call us today.  07 3353 5541

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