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Your Differential Specialist


What We Offer You

Here at DANTRANS we believe when it comes to the performance and longevity of your Diff, you should have an experienced Differential specialist fit genuine (OEM) or the best quality aftermarket parts. We want to ensure that the service we provide to you is impeccable, affordable and prompt as possible.  We offer over 20 years of experience, Free Strip and Quote of units out of the car, a 12 month / 20,000 km warranty and Free Local Pick Up.

We recondition & repair Diffs on all vehicles of all makes and models.  ​

Come and see us today or give us a call to get the right advice the for your Diff.



Differential Specialist QLD

Differential Problems

Differential problems are sometimes hard to diagnose.  Some of the problems are noisy on and off the throttle. Noises such as clunking (excessive back lash), knocking, whirring noises, howling or rumbling, all of which can be associated with different issues and need to be diagnosed correctly. That's why we will always ask you to come in so that a specialist can test drive your vehicle and diagnose it for you.

Differential Specialist QLD

What A Differential Does

A Diff is the Final Drive. It is a set Ratio, delivering power to the wheels.  The Hemisphere, whether being Locked, Limited Slip (LSD) or Open Centre determines how both wheels react.  A Locked Diff will not slip, giving even power to both wheels.  A Limited Slip diff (LSD) will limit the amount of power being transferred to the wheel with less traction.  An Open Centre Diff will supply power to the wheel with the least traction.

Reconditioning Your Diff

Reconditioning a Diff requires experience and is labour intensive.  There is a lot of specific tolerance's to make the Diff operate correctly and modifications to make it work to its highest potential. Here at DANTRANS we only use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts or quality aftermarket parts, for the longevity and highest working potential of your Differential.

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We recondition Differentials of all makes and models, so give us a call today!


Toyota Hilux KUN26 3.5 & 3.7 Ratio Exchange Diffs for sale
Reconditioned with new Crown Wheel and Pinion, Bearings & Seals
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